My world is an open book and a limitless dimension. One day, I had a thought that my characters can be turned into toys and statues and it suddenly became clear these were more than just paintings. Every character has a story, every piece has a message, and every time my paint touches a canvas, wall, or paper, I have a vivid intention of what I want to share with the world.

The First Born


Known for challenging stereotypes through fashion, he is the life of the party, a trendsetter and leads his army through good energy. His daring and aspirational ways make him stand out from the crowd. His fresh scent, style and vibe make him a force to follow.



Making a statement when he walks into a room, everyone’s weekend gets better when shared with “Weekend Mode”. The hero in #VGW, highly respected by others, he is dependable, courageous and brave. Validating his role as everyone’s rock, he demonstrates good company and brings everyone together. Firmly promoting a civil community where all are equal, he celebrates and promotes feeling like every day is a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.



Revolutionizing #VGW with his natural ability to think outside the box. Combining his advanced technology and out of this world intelligence, he creates games for the “Studios Friends” that makes him a legend amongst his friends. He is an independent creature of habit. All who are a part of his journey depend on him to accomplish their goals.